Construction, conversion and renovating your property are time-consuming and complex projects. With the project management of Curo Vastgoed, you have the necessary time and expertise so that your building project is completed according to the agreement and in accordance with your wishes.



Has major maintenance, (internal) conversion or complete renovation been planned for your property? If so, ensure proper guidance for the project. In that way, you ensure not only a good final result that meets all of the requirements, you can also be sure that the process itself runs smoothly and that the agreements made are honoured. Curo Vastgoed is happy to handle the guidance of the scheduled maintenance or renovation for you with experts for whom acting in your best interests is second nature and, to do that, can also effortlessly speak the language of builders or renovators.


Turnkey delivery of office spaces is becoming increasingly complex: tenants are placing increasing demands on the layout and furnishings. To optimally manage these renovation projects for your property, Curo Vastgoed is happy to take all of your concerns out of your hands. Throughout the entire process we guide both the tenants and landlords, from the first impression to realisation and follow-up care.


A first impression offers you prior insight into how exactly the space can look following delivery and at what costs. We prepare this type of first impression with corresponding cost estimate for you within five business days. If you then decide to implement the project, you are ensured of full transparency throughout the entire process with insight into factors such as the quotations from all of the involved (sub) contractors.


Curo Vastgoed can also help if you wish to build your own property, but you lack the adequate expertise or capacity. We have experience with all aspects involved in the (re)development of real estate. From the initiation phase to follow-up care: we take care of everything for you. Partially or the entire project:

  • Initiation phase
  • Design phase
  • Final design
  • Realisation phase
  • Delivery phase
  • Operational phase


Would you like professional guidance during a portion of your (re)building project, renovation or for the entire process? If so, benefit from our expertise in building project management. For tailored advice or a meeting with no obligation, feel free to contact us at any time.

Goede communicatie is essentieel, ook bij een verbouwing of nieuwbouw. Door de taal van de opdrachtgever, de bouwers en van de gebruikers te spreken kunnen we soepel een project sturen en de planning en begroting volgens afspraak managen.

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