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Are you pondering over issues related to real estate and housing? Let us advice you in a transparent, skilled and personal manner. From the initiation phase to the actual relocation, we can support you in any way possible. Find out more about our consultancy services and discover what we can do for you.

How can we be of service?

Real estate advice

Technical real estate advice
Your property has to meet various requirements to enable efficient business operations and to offer you and your employees a pleasant workplace. In order to guarantee this in advance, we are happy to take a close look at the technical condition of the property. This includes checking the existing installations and the structural condition as well as providing insight into any desired adjustments. If desired, we also carry out a condition assessment and draw up a multi-year maintenance plan.

Contractual advice
As you enter into a rental agreement for a longer period, it is of great importance to make solid agreements and to record them correctly in the rental agreement. At Curo Vastgoed, you will find specialists in contract law with years of experience in real estate contracts. We are happy to assist you in concluding a solid contract.

Commercial real estate advice
Does your current location meet all your needs but is the contract period expiring? A solid renegotiation can have a very financially profitable outcome. Our real estate specialists are happy to advise you about your options and support you with advice in the rental negotiations or by conducting the negotiations for you.

Market analysis
If you are looking to find a new location, we can advise you on which steps to take and how to challenge market fluctuations. We have extensive knowledge of the rental market and are willing to share this with you. This allows you to make decisions based on accurate information and market insight.

Real estate specialists at Curo Vastgoed
Whether you are looking for new real estate to rent, want advice on a location that you have in mind or continue the rental at better conditions, we provide you with skilled real estate advisers that support you along the way. Would you like to get acquainted or receive personal advice? Let us know.

Due diligence

We understand you want to make sure you are making a right decision before buying real estate. You want to know whether the return will be as expected or whether the object will fully meet your wishes. That is why thorough and careful research beforehand is indispensable. Such a due diligence investigation (roughly translated: purchase inspection) gives you a clear picture of the object, both from a commercial and technical point of view.

Commercial analysis
In order to assure optimal return, insight into the commercial aspects of your possible purchase is important. We therefore carry out a commercial analysis on your behalf, reviewing the following aspects:

  • Commercial location
  • Accessibility
  • Rentability
  • Destination plan
  • Environmental factors

Tenants and rental conditions checked
In addition to the commercial factors, other aspects play an equally important role. That is why we always check the following factors in a due diligence investigation:

  • Rental prices and conditions
  • Solvency and reputation of the tenants

Technical analysis
A fixed element of the due diligence investigation is the technical inspection of the property. This inspection informs you on the quality of the property. You will also receive important information with which you can estimate future costs. This is an essential source of information for the negotiations when purchasing the property.

The full picture

Financial analysis
Thanks to the technical and commercial analyses of this due diligence investigation, you also have a good financial analysis. All analyses combined provide you with a complete picture of both the operating costs of the property concerned and the service costs that are borne by tenants.

Due diligence investigation into real estate
For a full picture, call in our expertise for the due diligence investigation of the property you have in mind. This way, you can be sure that you are fully aware of the technical, financial and commercial state of the property. For more information or a friendly introduction without obligation, please contact us.

More services

In addition to property management, we offer other tailor-made services that help our clients save time, money and energy. This includes project management, Owners Association management and consultancy. Thanks to a diverse team representing a wide variety of fields and disciplines, we are able to offer you an all-in service that relieves you of any time-consuming matters concerning real estate.
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If I have to describe my collaboration with Curo Vastgoed in a few words, then I think of the following; unburdening, professional, short lines, thinking along with you and involved.

Yvo Hütte – Lomax Vastgoed

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With our property management, your real estate is in good hands. Would you like to receive more information about our approach or do you want a personal consultation to discuss opportunities? Fill in the form below and we will get back to you within just one working day.
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