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Owners Association management

Professional Owners Association management assures the outstanding quality and condition of a complex. This is not only a legal obligation, it also ensures optimal living conditions and preserving the value of the property for the future. Good property management requires time, expertise and attention – things often not in reach of the current owners. Allow yourself to shift your time and energy elsewhere and let Curo Vastgoed take care of your professional Owners Association management.

How can we be of service?

Real estate experts

Curo Vastgoed's experts are specialists in property management and have extensive technical and financial knowledge. This, combined with our experience, guarantees professional Owners Association management that is characterized by transparency, expertise and independence. You can count on a permanent Owners Association manager that is always available to your needs.

Owners Association management through Curo Vastgoed includes:

  • Access to a secure and GDPR-proof portal for owners that is available 24 hours a day.
  • A separate portal for members of the board.
  • A separate portal accessible for the financial control committee where all financial data is visible.
  • A skilled and reliable team existing of a Owners Association manager, technical and financial staff at your disposal.
Advice on administrative activities

Upon trusting Curo Vastgoed with the task of managing your property, we:

  • Organize, attend and take minutes during the annual general meeting.
  • Arrange all correspondence from the Owners Association including invitations, the agenda and business correspondence to third parties.
  • Advise on the compliance with the provisions of the properties deed of division, internal regulations and the implementation of decisions made during the Owners Association meeting.
  • Handle claims in a quick and proper manner.
  • Keep track of (changes in) owner administration.
  • Inform owners about matters such as apartment law.
  • Manage the archive.
Technical services

In addition to our advisory services, we also:

  • Have minor necessary maintenance carried out (up to the agreed amount documented in the bank mandate).
  • Provide 24/7 standby service and urgent maintenance.
  • Outsource and supervise activities for (major) maintenance and check the structural and technical aspects of the work done.
  • Carry out an annual technical inspection of your complex including extensive reporting.
  • Affect maintenance agreements for the communal installations and facilities of the complex.
Financial services

Curo Vastgoed is also able to:

  • Draw up annual accounts for the past financial years under the supervision of our Controller.
  • Digitally deliver annual accounts and additional required information to the financial control committee.
  • Annually prepare a budget proposal with the corresponding monthly Owners Association contribution owed.
  • If necessary, calculate an additional Owners Association contribution for an exceptional expense.
  • Administering and, if necessary, reminding and/or admonishing the owners of the Owners Association contribution owed.
  • Hand over and supervise collection procedures.
  • Carry out the full daily financial administration and administering bank account(s) on behalf of the Owners Association.
  • Pay the invoices for the common costs.
  • Draw up the Owners Association statement for apartments that are transferred in ownership for a civil-law notary.
  • Prepare service charges (in case of a joint contribution).
  • Determine the legal allocation to the reserve fund based on the multi-year maintenance plan and associated liquidity forecast.
Owners Association management rates
Depending on the nature and extent of the Owners Association management activities you want Curo Vastgoed to regulate, we draw up a tailor-made offer that suits your needs. Choose to let us do just the administrative work or expand your package with various financial and technical services.
Tailored guidance

All our services can be chosen individually or in a combined package. In addition, the property specialists of Curo Vastgoed are also available for additional advice or guidance regarding other Owners Association activities.

Examples of additional activities that are not part of the standard services:

  • Organize and attend additional owner meetings.
  • Draw up multi-year maintenance plan.
  • Draft house rules.
  • Guide the amendment of the properties deed of division.
  • Arrange the annual settlement of the collective heating costs based on the account provided by the metering company.
  • Take care of subsidy applications by third parties.
  • Provide interim financial information and/or reporting to management and/or owners.

Would you like to use a combination of different services or receive a tailor-made offer? Contact us and we are happy to discuss your wishes and inform you on the possibilities.

Owners Association property management

  • Specialized in real estate management
  • Extensive technical, financial and administrative knowledge and experience
  • An Owners Association manager assigned to you
  • Transparency, expertise and independence
  • Affiliated with the industry organization VGM NL
  • Freedom of choice in purchasing a service package
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In addition to property management, we offer other tailor-made services that help our clients save time, money and energy. This includes project management, Owners Association management and consultancy. Thanks to a diverse team representing a wide variety of fields and disciplines, we are able to offer you an all-in service that relieves you of any time-consuming matters concerning real estate.
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In our cooperation with Curo Real Estate, we think of commitment and good housekeeping. We can rely on sound advice and excellent representation of our interests. Furthermore, we are provided with good insightful reports and have short lines of communication with the relevant employees at Curo Vastgoed. In short, we can leave the management to Curo Vastgoed with an easy mind.

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