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Property management

Let Curo Vastgoed manage your real estate and benefit from a transparent, effective and cost-efficient approach. We ensure the technical aspects of your property are in order and grant you insight into the financial status of your properties at all times. With Curo Vastgoed, you are guaranteed excellent maintenance of your real estate at the best price including outstanding service and accurate financial management.

We facilitate property management for:

  • Business premises
  • Offices
  • Shopping centers
  • Parking garages

How can we be of service?


Proper maintenance of your property is essential in order to secure the highest safety standards and extending the durability of a building. Curo Vastgoed can unburden you in arranging all matters concerning the maintenance and development of your real estate. This way, you are guaranteed a safe and durable property that meets standard requirements time and time again.

Impression and estimation of costs

Using high-quality impressions, we inform you on what a area can look like after completion and at what costs. Within 5 working days, we are able to provide you with an impression and the accompanying estimation of costs. If you then proceed to implement the plans, you are guaranteed transparency and professionality during the entire process, including insight into the offers of all contractors involved.

Facility management

The technical side of property management is essential. We can unburden you in any facilitative practices accompanying real estate management. Matters such as daily maintenance, the quick and adequate handling of complaints from tenants and the preparation of multi-year maintenance plans are covered by these activities.

Energy management

Energy efficiency can be a complex yet significant factor in property management. Our energy management service therefore grants you insight into costs, opportunities and sustainability for your real estate.

Service management

In case of sudden malfunctions or inconveniences, we have a service department available for calamities in your property. Tenants can contact this department 24/7. By reporting calamities through our website, adequate steps are taken to resolve the issue. Does the malfunction or calamity require immediate action? Our service number is always available.

24-uurs servicenummer
0573 46 00 27

More services

In addition to property management, we offer other tailor-made services that help our clients save time, money and energy. This includes project management, Owners Association management and consultancy. Thanks to a diverse team representing a wide variety of fields and disciplines, we are able to offer you an all-in service that relieves you of any time-consuming matters concerning real estate.
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If I have to describe my collaboration with Curo Vastgoed in a few words, then I think of the following; unburdening, professional, short lines, thinking along with you and involved.

Yvo Hütte – Lomax Vastgoed

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With our property management, your real estate is in good hands. Would you like to receive more information about our approach or do you want a personal consultation to discuss opportunities? Fill in the form below and we will get back to you within just one working day.
N. (Niek) Roelofs
Real Estate Manager
Property management starts with a personal approach. Our experienced real estate managers and advisers get to know you and your property in order to provide the best possible service. Tell us what you want to know about our real estate management and we will get back to you shortly.
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