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Curo Vastgoed is the right address to turn to if you have a housing issue. From the initiation phase through to the actual relocation, we can support you in various areas

Real estate consultancy

Technical real estate consultancy
Your accommodations must meet various requirements to enable efficient business operations and offer you and your employees a pleasant workplace. To be able to guarantee both of these factors in advance, we would be happy to analyse the technical condition of the property for you. In that way, we check the installations that are present and the structural condition of the premises, and we offer you insight into any desired modifications. If you wish, we can also conduct a condition assessment and prepare a long-term maintenance plan (LTMP) for you.

Contract specialty
You enter into a lease for an extended period. It is therefore incredibly important that you make sound agreements and that you record these agreements correctly in the lease. At Curo Vastgoed, you have specialists in contract law and with years of experience in real estate contracts at your disposal. We are happy to help you conclude a sound contract.

Commercial real estate consultancy
Does your current location meet all of your needs, but is the contract period expiring? Effective renegotiation can greatly benefit you in terms of finances. The property specialists of Curo Vastgoed are happy to advise you on your options and support you with advice during the rent negotiations or conduct the negotiations on your behalf.

Rental market analysis
Conversely, you can also come to us if you are in fact looking for a new location. As a professional organisation, we have extensive market knowledge. We apply this knowledge and experience for you to analyse the current rental market. In that way, you can make decisions based on the right information if you plan to lease a property.

Property consultants at Curo Vastgoed
Whether you are looking for a new property to lease, if you would like advice regarding a location that you have your eye on or, indeed, if you would like to renew the lease under better conditions, at Curo Vastgoed you will find the property consultants you are looking for. Would you like an introduction or personal advice? Let us know.

Due diligence

Before you purchase real estate, you want to ensure that the decision is a prudent one. For example, you want to be certain that the return will be as expected or that the property will meet your needs under your own use. For that reason, a thorough and meticulous advance inspection is indispensable. This type of due diligence inspection offers you a clear view of the property, both in commercial and technical terms.

Commercial analysis
To ensure an optimal return, it is important that you have insight into the commercial aspects of your potential purchase. On your behalf, we therefore conduct a commercial analysis, in which we focus on aspects such as the following:

  • Commercial location
  • Accessibility
  • Rentability
  • Zoning plan
  • Environmental factors

Tenants and rental conditions checked
In addition to the commercial factors, other aspects play at least an equally important role. For that reason, we always also check the following factors in a due diligence investigation:

Rental prices and conditions
Solvency and reputation of the tenants

Technical analysis
An integral part of the due diligence investigation is the technical inspection of the property. This inspection offers you a good view of the quality of the property. You also obtain important information with which you can estimate future costs; in other words, an essential source of information for the negotiations when purchasing the property.

Financial analysis
Thanks to the technical and commercial analyses of this due diligence investigation, you also have a good financial analysis. All these aspects combined offer you a complete picture of both the operating costs of the property in question, but also of the service costs that will be at the tenants' expense.

Due diligence investigation of property: for a complete picture
If you engage our expertise for the due diligence investigation of the real estate object that you have your eye on, you can rest assured that you will be fully informed of the technical, financial and commercial state of the property. For more information or a non-binding meeting, we cordially invite you to contact us.

 “Good communication is essential, also for a conversion or new-build project.
By talking the language of our clients, the builders and the users, we are able to guide a project smoothly and manage the planning and budget as agreed.”

Pascal Kok