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VvE management

Properly arranged Owners’ Association management ensures a complex or building remains in good condition. This is not only a legal obligation, but also ensures that the value is preserved for the future. However, effective management by the Owners’ Association requires time, expertise and attention – things that the owners or users often lack. But not Curo Vastgoed. We provide competent and professional Owners’ Association management for various clients.
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Property specialists

The experts of Curo Vastgoed specialise in property management and possess broad technical and financial knowledge. This, combined with our extensive experience, guarantees professional Owners’ Association management characterised by transparency, competence and independence.

Administrative activities

  • Organisation, attendance and minutes of the annual general meeting of shareholders;
  • Handling all correspondence of the Owners’ Association, such as invitations, the agenda and minutes, but also the business correspondence with third parties;
  • Archive management;
  • Handling claims;
  • Maintaining records, such as owner records and any changes;
  • Informing owners regarding issues such as the apartment right.

Financial activities

  • Producing a draft budget;
  • Arranging direct debit transactions relating to contributions owed;
  • Identifying payment arrears and initiating collection procedures where required;
  • Managing and administering Owners’ Association accounts, including the payments of the joint costs;
  • Drawing up annual accounts such as the profit and loss account and balance;
  • Delivering annual accounts and corresponding information to the cash audit commission;
  • Payment of the heating costs (if this is a joint expense).

Technical activities

  • Having minor necessary maintenance carried out (up to the mandate amount);
  • Breakdown service available 24 hours a day for defects and urgent maintenance work;
  • Requesting quotations and advising on this for minor and major maintenance;
  • Contracting out for (major) maintenance and conducting subsequent architectural and technical inspections.

additional consultancy

Do you require additional consultancy, guidance or a tailor-made offer? You can purchase all of these services by module or by section. Additionally, the property specialists of Curo Vastgoed are also available for additional consultancy or guidance in matters such as preparing internal regulations, a long-term budget, guidance of major maintenance and so on. Do you require a combination of the various services or a tailor-made offer? Let us know. We would be happy to discuss your needs so that we can make a tailor-made offer.

“Property must of course generate returns. Which is why we look today at the costs and risks of tomorrow and also identify expected revenues. This way, we manage your property efficiently while ensuring optimum cost management.”

Marthijn Weijermars