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Curo Vastgoed offers an all-in service in the field of real estate. With services such as project management, property management and asset management in our package, we are an all-round real estate service provider who is able to completely unburden you in a personal and transparent manner and to get the maximum return from your real estate. With a broad knowledge and employees with a lot of development experience, we are ready for all your questions. Would you like to know more about the various services of Curo Vastgoed? On this page we will tell you more about our various services, so that you can understand what you can expect from which services. Of course, a combination of different services through customization is always possible, we would be happy to discuss this personally with you.

VvE management

Properly arranged Owners’ Association management ensures a complex or building remains in good condition. This is not only a legal obligation, but also ensures that the value is preserved for the future. However, effective management by the Owners’ Association requires time, expertise and attention – things that the owners or users often lack. But not Curo Vastgoed. We provide competent and professional Owners’ Association management for various clients.

Asset management

You achieve greater return on your real estate with Curo Vastgoed’s asset management. In other words, property management that allows us to clearly identify costs, revenue and risks for now and later and ensure that they are managed and controlled optimally.


Construction, conversion and renovating your property are time-consuming and complex projects. With the project management of Curo Vastgoed, you have the necessary time and expertise so that your building project is completed according to the agreement and in accordance with your wishes.

Property Management

Curo Vastgoed’s property management ensures you have real estate that is in good technical order and for which you always have insight into the current financial status. In short: efficient property management with the maintenance of the buildings at the best price, with exceptional service and accessible and up-to-date financial management.


Curo Vastgoed is the right address to turn to if you have a housing issue. From the initiation phase through to the actual relocation, we can support you in various areas

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