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Property management

Curo Vastgoed’s property management ensures you have real estate that is in good technical order and for which you always have insight into the current financial status. In short: efficient property management with the maintenance of the buildings at the best price, with exceptional service and accessible and up-to-date financial management.

property management to include

retail space retail space
parking garages parking garages
industrial property industrial property
office buildings office buildings


Property maintenance is a precondition for office buildings, logistics real estate, commercial properties, shopping centres, shops, residential (care) buildings and parking garages. We help you find the best maintenance at the most favourable price.

By means of periodic inspections, we map out where and when maintenance is desirable and what costs you can expect. This ensures maintenance is carried out at the right moment, you prevent technical problems and save a great deal on costs. As a result, your property remains well-maintained, entirely according to our motto: “Maintenance must be carried out in a prompt and plan-based manner, but only if it is truly necessary.” And our clear quarterly report ensures that you stay well informed of all of the developments regarding your property and the status of your property.

Maintenance purchasing policy

The maintenance of real estate has a major impact on the operating expenses and is a major factor determining a substantial portion of the service costs. Getting the right price-quality ratio in the purchase of the maintenance is therefore of major importance, both for you and for the tenants.

We have years of experience with various maintenance providers throughout the Netherlands: from contractors and installers to cleaning companies and gardeners. Wherever your property is located, we always find the best provider, both in terms of quality and price and in distance from the property, because with information on distance from the property, you are ensured of fast handling in the event of a calamity and a minimum of call-out costs.

Financial management

Effective financial management of your real estate ensures that you are always precisely up to date on the (financial) situation. At Curo Vastgoed, we handle the financial management for you in an interactive and entirely transparent manner. Using the ‘Login to My Curo Vastgoed’ option on our website, you can view the current financial status of your property from any location and at any time.

Curo Vastgoed handles all of the reporting tasks that you wish, such as:

  • Rent invoicing
  • Preparing property operations budgets
  • Administering revenues and expenditures (current and available at any time)
  • Custom financial reports
  • Profit and loss accounts
  • Service-costs settlement

Facility management

With proper daily or frequent maintenance, living in your property becomes much more enjoyable for your tenant. That is why Curo Vastgoed ensures everything is properly arranged for you and your tenant: from cleaning and garden maintenance to the maintenance of installations.

You can make use of the following services for your user:

  • Purchase of facility deliveries and services
  • Continuous monitoring and analysis of these deliveries and services, as a result of which these can be purchased at favourable rates and under favourable conditions
  • Complaint handling

Energy management

The energy consumption of your property has a major influence on the operating costs. Efficient purchasing is therefore lucrative, but also time-consuming with today’s strongly fluctuating markets.

We structurally monitor the energy market for our clients. In this way, we can purchase energy for you at the right moment, allowing you to profit from particularly attractive procurement benefits.

Service management

Nothing is as frustrating as sudden disruptions or inconvenience. We offer a service division in case of disasters at your property. The service division is available for your users 24/7. Using the breakdown button on our website, they can submit a report of a calamity. If it is a disruption or calamity that requires immediate action, we can be reached at all times on our service number.

24-hour service number:
+31(0)573–46 00 27

Technical management

Recognising the technical side of property management is essential when it comes to effective property management. These activities include issues such as daily maintenance, quick and effective handling of user complaints and preparing long-term maintenance plans

“Property must of course generate returns. Which is why we look today at the costs and risks of tomorrow and also identify expected revenues. This way, we manage your property efficiently while ensuring optimum cost management.”

Marthijn Weijermars